XBee Enabled Ice Fishing Pole

By Dave Olson The XBee enabled ice fishing pole alerts the fisherman by text when a fish is on the line. “This means no more long hours on the ice staring at your tip up or… Continue reading

Roller Derby Hit Tracker

By Tom Igoe Tom Igoe created a system where XBees track every hit in a roller derby. “I paired a 3-axis accelerometer module with an XBee radio from Digi. The basic XBee is… Continue reading


By Benjamin Zaitlen The BirdTweeder is an image capturing bird feeder that send images to twitter. Follow the stream: @BirdTweeder “We built a bird feeder (aka the birdtweeder) that takes a picture when a… Continue reading

Digital Railway System

By Vijay Velu and Victor Spear Watch the video here “The Velu-Bahn Digital Railroad System (VB-DRS) is a sophisticated self-healing digital mesh that encompasses and communicates with all objects (or assets) of a… Continue reading


By Niall Get the full details and see the three iterations of FarmBoz here. “The FarmBoz’s current uses include herding sheep, observing livestock, mowing lawn, spraying weeds, raking gravel, carrying light loads, drawing trailer,… Continue reading

Wireless Robotic Arm

By Sath02 More information and full documentation on Instructables here. Modified from a previous project, Sath02  was able to create a wireless controlled robotic arm. Using an Xbee Series 1 module and Arduino,… Continue reading


By Kåre Halvorsen aka Zenta You can find assembly instructions and code here. The A-Pod is a remotely operated insect-like robot using a PS-2 controller. “A-Pod is an ant inspired hexapod robot with… Continue reading

On-Board Wireless Guitar Controller

By JP Carrascal Follow JP on Twitter Read JP’s full documentation along with more photos and videos here JP decided to hack his guitar in a number of different ways using an Arduino… Continue reading

Wireless Mesh Network Time Server

By John Schuch John Schuch’s Wireless Mesh Network Time Server was an Honorable Mention at the 2012 DesignSpark chipKIT Challenge. See more photos and full documentation here “The solar-powered Wireless Mesh Network Time Server receives… Continue reading

Gas Cap

Gas Cap By QTechKnow (Quin, our favorite 11 year old maker) QTechKnow solved the mystery he’s been thinking about since he got started in electronics. “Isn’t there a fart sensor out there?” Like… Continue reading

Fiber Optic Chandelier Prototype

Fiber Optic Chandelier Prototype By Apex Logic The Fiber Optic Chandelier Prototype is made with with ATMega328 and XBee. “The fiber optic chandelier was inspired by one that was for sale on Ebay.com. The… Continue reading

Party in the Mouth

Party in the Mouth Direction, software programming and lighting+sound design: Daito Manabe Hardware programming and board design: Motoi Ishibashi Hardware design: Tomoaki Yanagisawa “Method Man might have helped make gold fronts famous, but in… Continue reading